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What If It Was Easier

November 18, 2022 ◊ By Georges Wansek

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What If It Was Easier

That’s the title of an email I received recently that really got my attention. As most entrepreneurs these days, I receive lots of emails every day - some get opened and read, some get opened and deleted, and some go straight to the trash (sorry, don’t have time to read them all).

So why did I open and read this one?

First, the title - What if it was easier? 

It’s simple, to the point, and who would not want 'IT' to be easier?

Then the content - The way the author introduced the story was very creative (in my opinion) and made it easy to engage with the content. As I kept reading, I felt like I was reading a fiction story, not at all a sales email with the traditional 'Problem, Solution, Offer', even though it was a sales email.

When I was done reading it, I found myself calm, happy that I had received that email and sort of felt good to have read it to the end.

AND, it got me thinking… What if it was easier?

We live in a digital world that is extremely noisy. We get bombarded by messages every single day and it can be super challenging for solo entrepreneurs to get started and grow an online business.

So, what if it was easier? 

What if we could simplify our processes and still get results? And maybe even better results.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

This email was a game changer for me.


AND it starts today with the creation of the News Hub.

What is the News Hub? you might ask.

Let me explain to you what it is and what it does.

Creating content and posting on social media is a full-time task 😩. And yes, coaches will tell you that it can be outsourced. And believe me, it still is work!

But what if there was a 'central place' for news feeds, kinda like a blog, that was used simply for the purpose of, well, posting news stories? And what if there was an easy way to then push the news stories to multiple social media platforms?

That’s what the News Hub is.

It’s like a blog on my website where I’ll post SHORT news, and then share the news on multiple social media platforms with a simple click. The same short posts we would normally post on social media will instead be posted on the News Hub and pushed to social platforms afterwards.

The process is simple, (I’m going to share the framework here), and most importantly, it has great benefits:


  • Yes, I don’t have to think about having to write a long blog post, I’ll write short news stories. I only have to write them in one place - the News Hub.


  • The short news will be easy to read, because they’ll be short and they’ll cover ONE single topic.


  • When shared on Social, they’ll automatically include the link back to my site, which is great to drive traffic.This is where the content will live - on my site.


  • The intro to the short news will be great to nurture and engage with my list.

And I’m sure I’ll discover more benefits to this process later.

I mentioned that I would share the framework. Here it is:

  1. Create a topic for the news story
  2. Create a thumbnail (simple to do with Canva)
  3. Write the short news story
  4. Select hashtags (for social media)
  5. Share the story on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  6. Share the introduction to the story to the email subscriber list
  7. Create a short video with the phone and push it on Instagram and TikTok (as of today, I still need to create a TikTok account…)


As I’m starting this process, I’m guessing (and I might be wrong) that this news story might be the longest one. We’ll see….

But one thing is sure, I feel great and relieved right now:

  • I have a plan that is simple enough
  • I don’t feel pressured by what everyone thinks ‘I should do’
  • I’m happy that I’ve a manageable process to share value to my audience.

I’m actually very excited about it!

I’m curious to know what you think, feel free to leave me a comment.


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8 thoughts on “What If It Was Easier”

  1. Using social media to drive traffic sure does get overly complicated, doesn’t it? I love that you’re flipping the script and simplifying the process because you know that the content belongs on your site. Perfect solution.

  2. What a brilliant solution. As always you’re reminding us to “keep it simple”. While the process sounds easy there seem to be multiple steps to the getting there phase of simple. I would love to see a mini module with the visuals of the “how I did it segment”. Hat’s off to you for finding a solution to drive traffic to your site. That’s the name of the game $$!

    1. Thank you for your comment Leiah. Simple is where I’m going moving forward and even though there are multiple steps, they’re all simple. “How I did it” is coming up 😄

  3. Love that title “what if it was easier” great place to start explaining the process of photography and video.

    1. Ed, you have a vast amount of knowledge on photography and video, grab this title or something similar and use it for your audience.

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