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Tech & Computer-Shy coaches, course creators, bloggers, membership owners ...

Say goodbye to tech challenges so you can fast-track to success!

Want to LAUNCH and scale your website, have a BRAND you can be proud of & SELL your digital products?

I'll show you how with a S.M.A.R.T. Website!

When you’re tech & computer-shy, it’s difficult to know which website is right for you.
What platform is best?
What tools will you need?
What software or additional tools are necessary?

With so many working parts, how will you ever make it all work together?

Regular websites are 1 of 2 things….

#1 Cookie-cutter sites on platforms that claim to “make it easy”
#2 Poorly designed and pieced together with complicated tech

frustrated laptop

These lead to wasted time on a website that:

  • Isn’t Optimized for Performance

  • Has Poor SEO

  • Doesn’t Produce Results

  • Takes FOREVER to Load

  • Has Security Issues

  • Requires Constant Maintenance

And Let’s face it, if you aren’t a tech person in the first place,
You aren’t going to magically become a keyboard ninja without a LOT of support –

Oh yeah, the support you get from those big tech platforms?
Is it really worth waiting 3 or 4 days for an automated response that doesn’t answer the question you were asking anyway?

Where do you turn to for answers? Searching Google for long-winded YouTube tutorials? Sorting through advertisements and software that’s only recommended because they offer an affiliate payout to the YouTuber?

Who knows how long it will take you to find what you actually need?

Instead of Helping You Funnel Your Site Visitors,
Your Website Ends Up Taking More Time You Don’t Have to Spare

Time away from serving your audience & PRODUCING INCOME

So, what is it that you actually need in a website for it to be successful?

A Website must be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Scalable

  • Marketable

  • Adaptable

  • ROI-able

  • Time Savable

It needs a Training Program

A website-specific training program provides the necessary knowledge and skills needed to create a functional website without stress and overwhelm. It ensures that your website is modern and competitive. It also builds your confidence, leading to better results, a stronger online presence and puts you in full control of your website.



The UNIQUE program that includes a Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™ and its follow-along Step-By-Step Training Program!

Study at your
own pace

Be in control of
your own website

Grow and scale
without limitations

Get support
when you need

Imagine if you could...

Build your dream business without losing sleep over your website and sell YOUR products on YOUR website!

Now you can!
Get your website launched and sell your digital products online with Website A La Carte ~ 2023 Edition.

Let me pull the curtain back and tell you how
websites changed my life.

Hi, I'm Georges Wansek,

In 2005, I opened a small restaurant and needed a website.

I went to a bookstore, bought a book on Web Design (I still have it) and coded a website for our restaurant with absolutely zero experience in web design. Yep, that was the hard way.

Years later, I decided to make website creation my full-time work.

As a web designer and tech guy, I've spent years building websites and teaching simple methods to help others sell their products and services online. But guess what...

I tried multiple platforms, moving content from one platform to another, I discovered that one thing kept coming up with every website platform: there was always a time I needed or wanted to create something that couldn't be done. It was frustrating for both myself and my clients.

I quickly realized that the best option was to build my own website platform and simply duplicate it for my students and clients.

In 2021, I launched Course Platform Academy with the first version of a pre-built duplicable website and its training program.

Now, I could teach tech-shy coaches and entrepreneurs how to build their websites and sell their digital products without overwhelm, without design skills, without hiring an expensive web designer.

One Duplicable Pre-Built Website - One Training Program - Simple tech Support

Now, I'm sharing it with you…

So that YOU can

sell your digital products and build your online business!

It's all inside WEBSITE A LA CARTE
~ 2023 Edition

(Finally) make your website work for your business and say good bye to tech challenges!

There's never been a better time than now to deliver
Workshops • Masterclasses • Challenges • Courses • Memberships online

But navigating the tech is difficult.

The Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™ and its unique training program completely remove the tech challenges so that you can deliver your expertise, make an impact, sell your digital products and generate income from YOUR website WITHOUT tech overwhelm.

The Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™

is the fast-track to success.

It removes a MAJOR tech obstacle to get you results without overwhelm!

Let's NOT re-invent the wheel every single time. My approach to building a successful online business website is that is should be simple and fun, especially if you are tech and/or computer-shy.

Tech can be overwhelming, frustrating and stressful. The good news is that the ultimate success to building and managing your website depends on just 2 things:

  • Starting with the right set of tools, i.e. the Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™
  • Having a SIMPLE Step-By-Step process, clearly explained, in layman's terms.

That's it!

pre-built smart website mockup

Save thousands of steps & hundreds of hours with a Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™

When you start your online business website's journey with Course Platform Academy's Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™, you instantly save an incredible amount of time and the tech headaches as you set yourself up for success with

  • A proven website configuration that is scalable

  • A website you can customize with your branding

  • The ability to market your website in a matter of days

  • Being able to serve your niche and your specific needs and wants

  • A quick return on your investment

  • Being in control of your website

No more...

Hours spent in groups or on YouTube to figure it out on your own
Trying to figure out how to collect payments by piecing things together
Using a separate platform for your online courses or memberships
Waiting months for your website to go LIVE because of delays
Spending thousands of dollars on the services of web designers
Creating a website only to find out you can't sell your digital products

And instead...

Focus on your business

Create a website that is built with the most popular software and benefit from years of research

Save precious time

With easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and pre-built pages, sales funnel, shopping cart, and more...

Grow your audience

Adapt the website to your niche and connect with your audience. Works for coaches, entrepreneurs...

Brand with freedom

Build your own brand with unlimited fonts, color options, and total design freedom

Add revenue streams

Add unlimited courses, workshops, challenges, memberships, digital products, create an affiliate program...

Connect your website

Link your social media, add your Facebook pixel, optimize your SEO, and get seen on Google with ease, and more…

The Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™ alone is priceless!

walc - mockup 1

Inside WEBSITE A LA CARTE ~ 2023 Edition,
I'll show you exactly how to:

setup website platform-1

Get your website all configured and launched

Choose a domain name, install the Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™, get your website configured with YOUR brand colors & fonts, launch it with a high-converting waitlist page to grow your email list.

perfect image canva course mockup

Get your images optimized for best site speed

Improve the overall user experience by reducing page load times, which leads to increased engagement and improved Google search engine rankings. ONE short course and ONE optimizing tool solves this forever.

create a form mockup

Create forms on YOUR website without using Google Forms

Creating forms on your website allows for greater customization and branding opportunities, which helps to create a more professional online presence. Because they are integrated into your site, it is easier to manage and track form submissions.

configure vimeo settings mockup

Configure your video settings in Vimeo for optimum video display

Configuring the video settings in Vimeo helps to create a more consistent look for videos with greater video appearance. This helps to create a more polished and professional look and saves you a great amount of time as you only do this once.

adding square mockup

Add Square as a payment option

If you are already using Square in your business and want to continue to process your website payments that way, you are able to add Square as a payment gateway on your site and connect it to your Square account. This makes it seamless for you.

adding paypal mockup

Add PayPal as a payment option

PayPal is a well-known payment gateway, which can help to instill confidence in customers when making purchases on your website. By offering PayPal as a payment option in addition to credit card payments, you can increase your sales volume.

create a completion certificate mockup

Offer online course completion certificates to your students

Course completion certificates provide students with a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their achievements in completing a course. This helps to increase their motivation, learning outcomes, perceived value of the course and better student retention.

mockup - install facebook pixel

Install Facebook Pixel to retarget your audience with Facebook ads

Installing Facebook Pixel allows for better targeting of Facebook ads to your website visitors, which can improve ad relevance and increase conversion rates. Whether you plan on running ads now or later, it is best to install the Facebook Pixel early on.

mockup - create a homepage

Create a customer focused conversion-driven homepage

Creating a clear and intuitive layout with a consistent brand identity leads to increased engagement and conversion rate of website visitors. Focus on key calls-to-action and optimize the page for specific goals, such as sign-ups or purchases.

mockup - create a blog

Create a blog optimized for lead generation and social sharing

Blogs are like Swiss army knives - they are powerful and their benefits are many. By providing valuable and relevant content that is optimized for search engines and social media, you will amplify the reach of your content and increase the levels of traffic to your site. Convert your visitors into leads and customers to improve revenue and your ROI.

mockup - create a contact page

Create a simple and effective Contact page

Improve your user experience by providing a clear and easy-to-use interface for them to contact you and your business. A contact page helps to establish trust and credibility with your visitors, by providing contact information.

mockup - create a support ticket page

Create a Support Ticket page to provide support to your customers

A support ticket system is an amazing tool to streamline customer support and inquiries, by providing a centralized location for all support requests. It’s so simple to use, both for you as a business owner and also for your customers.

mockup - create a survey

Create surveys right from within your website

Surveys are a fantastic way to get to know your audience so that you can serve them better. Instead of using third-party service providers, creating surveys within your website increases brand awareness and keeps visitors on YOUR website.

mockup - create a linktree page

Create a LinkTree page on YOUR website & share it on social media

No need to use LinkTree, simply create a well-designed LinkTree type page on YOUR website to provide a centralized location for all relevant links and resources. Use your newly created page URL on social media and other online marketing material.

mockup - create a course

Create and offer unlimited online courses on YOUR website

Online courses are one of the best digital products. They are simple to create, great for learning as their content can be consumed at the student’s own pace. Additionally, when evergreen, they provide you with a passive income stream.

mockup - create a shop

Create a shop page to offer unlimited digital products

Want to increase revenue and profitability by providing a scalable and low-cost platform for selling digital products? This can lead to increased sales and ROI for your business. A well-designed and simple shop page will do just that.

mockup - create product bundles

Create products bundles to increase your revenue

Increase sales and revenue by incentivizing customers to purchase multiple products at once, and by offering a discount or promotion for bundle purchases. This is a simple way to get more sales especially during the holiday season.

mockup - create a work with me page

Create a Work With Me page to present your different offers

Attract potential clients or partners by clearly outlining the services you offer. A well-designed Work With Me page can help to establish credibility and trust by providing testimonials, case studies or showcase the quality of your work.

mockup - create a workshop

Create paid workshops with private onboarding & replay access

Mini-workshops are extremely popular and provide a great source of income. By offering online workshops, you can reach a wider audience, provide amazing value, get your customers results and leave them wanting more from you.

mockup - sell digital gift cards

Boost your promotions and holiday sales with Digital Gift Cards

They are easy to create and a convenient gifting option. Customers can easily purchase gift cards on your website or simply “Gift a product” and have them delivered directly to the recipient. Recipients may even become repeat customers.

mockup - create a coaching program

Create a paid Coaching Program with on-your-website scheduling

Coaching programs are thriving, but how about offering the convenience of scheduling and booking directly on your website? Automate the entire process so that your customers never have to leave your website, from booking to confirmation.

mockup - create a membership

Create recurring revenue with a subscription membership

Memberships come in many different ways and provide you with a way to serve your audience over time. They also give you a steady and predictable stream of revenue, as members pay a recurring fee for access to exclusive content or services.

PLUS, you get these bonuses!

I’m all about OVER-DELIVERING. These bonuses accelerate your creation process to put you on the fast-track toward a profitable website… take a look.

georges - 050423-1
Bonus #1

Website Platform Planning A to Z

Copy of SMART Website Product Mockups (1920 × 1080 px) - 9

Map out YOUR website to sell YOUR digital products

This no-tech comprehensive training explains the necessary tech jargon in simple terms and builds a solid foundation that guarantees you are ready with confidence so you can jump on the fast track to creating your website and launching your offers.

  • Get the BEST web address for your website to set yourself up for success to avoid the critical mistakes entrepreneurs make with domain names
  • The easy way to position yourself as an expert and the ONE underutilized trick to boost your email list growth
  • Create a brand that shows YOUR personality and builds trust with your audience
  • Protect yourself and your website and reassure your buyers with the right legal pages
  • How to choose the best payment solutions to get paid with confidence and security
  • Learn the ins and outs of creating the BEST content that suits you and serves your audience
Bonus #2

Supercharge Your Website Bundle

Copy of SMART Website Product Mockups (1920 × 1080 px) - 6

The Ultimate course bundle to BOOST your website and get results
(More ways to improve your bottom line Step-By-Step without overwhelm.)

  • WOW your Zoom attendees with a waiting room experience that will set you and your brand apart
  • Understand how to get found on Google and take control of search results to get in front of your IDEAL audience
  • Get your website optimized for SEO without hiring an expensive agency
  • Easily Master Canva, THE #1 Go-To FREE Design Software for Entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to feel confident about building and segmenting your list & engaging with your subscribers using my #1 recommended email marketing platform
  • Optimize your site, marketing strategies & user experience for improved user experience and engagement by connecting your site to Google Analytics
  • Grow your website and online business with an affiliate program that drives sales and revenue
Bonus #3

Gallery of Influencers' Landing Page Templates

Copy of SMART Website Product Mockups (1920 × 1080 px) - 7

These landing pages work for the Pros, they'll work for you.
These BONUS design templates are used by top influencers in the online marketing space. The gallery is constantly growing!

These landing pages work for the Pros, they'll work for you.

  • Choose any of these proven design layouts with a click of a button
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to install it on your website
  • Add your content and branding, et voila…
  • Create landing pages that are optimized for conversion.
Bonus #4

Gallery of Downloadable Quick-Install Funnels

Copy of SMART Website Product Mockups (1920 × 1080 px) - 8

Choose a funnel - Download it - Install it - Modify it - Launch it
(This BONUS gallery of pre-built funnel templates is constantly growing!)

  1. Choose one of Course Platform Academy’s pre-built funnels (landing page, registration/payment page, thank you page)
  2. Download it with a click of a button
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to install it on your website
  4. Then, simply modify it with your content.

This is a huge time-saver!

That's everything you need to launch and scale your website, have a brand you can be proud of, and sell your digital products.


2023 Edition

The UNIQUE Tech-Shy Entrepreneurs' Program For Creating Your Own Successful Website


Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you enroll in 'Website A La Carte'

A Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website
($1997 Value)

Pre-configured website for coaching programs, online courses and memberships, digital products, and more...! Custom brand and SEO ready with Front-End Drag & Drop page builder.

($1997 Value)
Step-By-Step Website Set Up & Add-Ons Training Courses
($497 Value)

Including these courses: Set Up Website Platform - Change Website Language - Perfect Image Canva Course - Create Course Completions Certificates - Adding Square Payment - Configure Vimeo Settings - Create Forms - Install Facebook Pixel - Adding PayPal Payment.

($497 Value)
Monetize Your Website Training Courses
($997 Value)

Including these courses: Create a Course - Create a Workshop - Create a Membership - Create a Coaching Program - Create Product Bundles - Create a Work With Me Page Sell Digital Gift Cards - Create a Shop.

($997 Value)
Expand Your Website Training Courses
($997 Value)

Including these courses: Create a Homepage - Create a Blog - Create Surveys - Create a Contact Page - Create a Support Ticket Program - Create a Linktree Page.

($997 Value)
300+ easy-to-use Pre-Built Templates
Direct Access to 1:1 Support
($297 Value)
($297 Value)
BONUS ~ Website Platform Planning A to Z
($199 Value)
($199 Value)
BONUS ~ Supercharge Your Website Bundle
($997 Value)

Including these courses: 60 Canva Design Tips & Tricks Available with Canva's FREE Plan - Get Found on Google, The Ultimate SEO Toolkit - The Quickest Way to Create Recurring Income with Your Platform - Create a Zoom/Webinar Wait Page - Basic ConvertKit - Connect Google Analytics - ConvertKit List Segmenting - Create an Affiliate Program - Website SEO Set Up.

($997 Value)
BONUS ~ Gallery of Influencers' Landing Page Templates
($197 Value)
($197 Value)
BONUS ~ Gallery of Downloadable Quick-Install Funnels
($197 Value)
($197 Value)

Total value: $6,375

Get it all right now for $1,997

Only $197

One-time payment

You're getting this entire program with a 96+ % SAVING.
You're saving a real $6,178!

This offer expires in:


Get started now for $197/month

Only $19 / Month


With WEBSITE A LA CARTE, you can:

Launch your website quicker

Grow your list while continuing to create your site. It only takes a few days!

Make money from your website

Collect payments, present your offers on sales pages and enroll people, all on your site.

Grow & scale your online business

Feel confident in your website and your brand so that you can focus on growth.


Don’t buy this if you love long YouTube videos and figure out how to code every detail

WEBSITE A LA CARTE is designed to save you time. It’s not a difficult program with long videos & lines of codes that don’t move you forward.

When you sign up, you’ll find short tutorial videos (less than 10 minutes long), clear step-by-step instructions (every click is highlighted with a red arrow, no second-guessing), and direct access to support. That’s it!

walc - warning

With WEBSITE A LA CARTE, you get the most comprehensive training portal, built with YOU in mind so that YOU can build YOUR website and focus on selling YOUR digital products!

short learning sessions
Easy to implement

Short sessions

Most of the learning sessions are no longer than 10 minutes, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand, learn and move forward with ease and pleasure.

Easy to learn

One topic at a time

Learning sessions address only one topic at a time breaking down complex processes into multiple small bites and eliminating the overwhelm.

one topic
Easy to use

No skills required

Website A La Carte provides a Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website designed with the world’s most popular and powerful website software, WordPress, and requires no skills to follow its step-by-step tutorials.

Easy to follow along

Highly visual

Most of the training is provided through videos and the action clicks are highlighted with a digital marker. You never have to guess where to look and where to click. Simply follow the steps!

help desk 1
Never get stuck

Premium support

Support is key for anything tech related. You get direct access to support via a ticket system. Your questions always get answered within 48 hours.

Study at your
own pace

Be in control of
your own website

Grow and scale
without limitations

Get support
when you need

They have launched their websites and transformed their lives

They did it

So can you

Anne Heisinger

I had been frustrated because I didn't have the tech skills that everyone else had and I felt it was keeping me from moving my business forward.

Lisa Balthaser

I just built my first course, it's up, it's running, I'm very happy with the way everything works, I cannot wait to get another one up.

Lisa Short

I looked into hiring a website developer to create something for me that would allow me to share courses. That would have cost thousands of dollars.

Jackie Simmons

Did it remove the tech block? Absolutely. I'm no longer intimidated by my own website. That's a big change.




I wouldn't have the website or business I do if not for Georges' teaching, kindness and patience. Shoot, wouldn't have a business at all if not for him! The tech alone would've been enough to stop me from moving forward and my pursuing my dreams. I'm so thankful I've learned, and am still learning, how to customize a website I love and am proud of, AND that it truly can be FUN. Georges is not only a vast wealth of wisdom and an incredible teacher, he's a pure delight to work with.




I have recreating a beautiful new bilingual website with Georges' help. He is a great teacher and shows you step by step how to create your pages. So if you are looking to create either your first website or membership and save a couple of thousand dollars, Georges is the way to go.




In the past, I have hired expensive designers to help me build websites for my business. Unfortunately, they never truly understood my vision and I was left frustrated, out of money and time. When I found Georges, I was a little skeptical. I came in more than a little overwhelmed and intimidated by WordPress. Within a very short period of time, he took me from being technically challenged, to building a gorgeous site that I am immensely proud of.

laurel chiten 4



Georges completely over delivers. He is not only a master with WordPress, but also supports the overall vision of all my businesses and helps brainstorm ideas for marketing, etc... Because of his teaching and mentoring, I've been able to launch 7 websites including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up. I am now able to run with any of my business ideas because I know that I can easily create an online presence for them. It is rare to find a teacher like Georges, who gives 110%.




After just a few months of working with Georges, we are positioning ourselves to double or triple our revenue in the next five years. Without having to pay thousands and outsource to vendors who never listen, we can now do it ourselves in a fraction of the time, AND our site now welcomes and inspires. Thank you Georges for helping us increase our income while developing a long-term membership site that is taking Bushido Karate Dojo WORLDWIDE.




I was scared to move it to WordPress because I am not techie and felt so overwhelmed. Then I discovered Georges in a mutual business group. He helped me create a sales page that looks amazing and I relaunched my membership. I now have 30 paying members with a much more functional platform that works for me! I couldn't have made this happen without his support. My only regret is not finding him sooner! This is the best money I've spent on my business in a very long time!




“Georges is a teacher at heart. He has a great way of making everything bite-sized. If I can do it, I swear, anybody can.”




I looked into hiring a website developer to create something for me that would allow me to share courses. That would cost thousands of dollars.

Jackie Simmons Headshot sq red 800x800 - Refinished - right



Did it remove the tech block? Absolutely. I'm no longer intimidated by my own website. That's a big change.




Georges, you have changed my life with all the knowledge you have shared. From building a platform to many aspects of creating a product, courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops. Thank you for all your excellent support.

Lisa Balthaser



I just built my first course, it's up, it's running, I'm very happy with the way everything works, I cannot wait to get another one up though.




Even though I have used Canva over the years, Georges' short and methodical trainings showed many things I was unaware of, and even surprised by, available in the free version. His mostly 1-3 minute videos show each step, and are clearly labeled. Georges wins Best Teacher award from me!


~ 2023 Edition


Get it all right now for $1,997

Only $197

One-time payment

Total value: $6,375

You're getting this entire program with a 96+ % SAVING.
You're saving a real $6,178!


Get started now for $197/month

Only $19 / Month


30-Day VIP Edition ~ 100% Money Back Guarantee

I provide a high quality Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website™ and the finest and most comprehensible training material tailored specifically for tech-shy entrepreneurs. When you sign up for WEBSITE A LA CARTE ~ 2023 Edition, I will do everything I can to make sure you are fully satisfied or I will promptly refund you 100% of the cost of the package.

guarantee white

You've got more questions? Absolutely!


2023 Edition

The UNIQUE Tech-Shy Entrepreneurs' Program For Creating Your Own Successful Website


Here’s EVERYTHING 'Website A La Carte' does for you!

  1. You get a Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website pre-configured for coaching programs, online courses and memberships, digital products, and more...! Custom brand and SEO ready with Front-End Drag & Drop page builder, you get to make it your own with ease and confidence so that you can sell your digital products and run your online business for years to come.
  2. You offer your audience, visitors and customers a great website user experience by providing them with:
    1. Web pages that are optimized for performance,
    2. A seamless purchasing process that includes the payment options of your choice,
    3. Forms and surveys that are branded and on your site so that you can access the surveys’ results at your convenience within your website dashboard
  3. You get to install your Facebook Pixel without complicated steps so that you can create your audience on Facebook and advertise your services and products
  4. You get to create and sell your digital products such as unlimited online courses, workshops, memberships, coaching programs, bundles, even digital gift cards, all from YOUR website so that you stay focused on what’s most important, growing your business.
  5. You can feel reassured that you are able to grow your website with unlimited pages as you wish, such as homepage, contact page, about, work with me page, and more…
  6. Create and display a LinkTree type page right on your website without having to sign up to Linktree so that you can always keep all of your offers visible on social media and/or other ways you use to promote them.
  7. You get to expand your website with a professional looking monetizable blog that already includes areas where you can share and promote your offers.
  8. You can provide your website customers, students, and clients with an easy way to contact you for support via a ticket support system that allows you to run your website like a professional online business.
  9. You create layout and grow your website with pages, funnels, landing pages, etc. knowing that you have 300+ easy-to-use Pre-Built Templates at your disposal that saves you precious time
  10. You have direct 1:1 support access that provides you with short and easy to comprehend video answers so that you know your back is covered all the time, especially during critical times such as your product launches
  11. BONUS ~ You start your website creation journey with a no-tech process so that you gather what’s needed without having to worry about anything tech.
  12. BONUS ~ You get to optimize your site for better Google search results (SEO)
  13. BONUS ~ You get access to the Gallery of Influencers' Landing Page Templates that you can download with one simple click and use whenever you want. You even get to submit your preferred influencer’s pages that we could create and add to the gallery.
  14. BONUS ~ You are provided with a gallery of downloadable Quick-Install Funnels to facilitate your launches.
  15. BONUS ~ You get to create and run your own affiliate program within your website so that you leverage the power of referrals to increase your sales and launch results
  16. And more…

Total value: $6,375

Get it all right now for $1,997

Only $197

One-time payment

You're getting this entire program with a 96+ % SAVING.
You're saving a real $6,178!

This offer expires in:

Get started now for $197/month


Get started now for $197/month

Only $19 / Month


One last thing! Do you want to see your S.M.A.R.T. Website's ROI?

The R in S.M.A.R.T. Website stands for ROI-able (Return On Investment)!
See what's possible and what it takes to get your return on your $197 investment!

WALC - What's possible
Your WEBSITE A LA CARTE investment($ 197)
The number of your low-ticket digital products you have to sell to cover the cost of your investmentOnly
Your net profit is: (Income from your products minus your $197 investment)$
Income generated by your signature offer:$
Your total Net Revenue generated is:$

Get it all right now for $1,997

Only $197

One-time payment

Total value: $6,375

You're getting this entire program with a 96+ % SAVING.
You're saving a real $6,178!


Get started now for $197/month

Only $19 / Month


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