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Launch Your Course Platform – October 2021 Session


Launch Your Course Platform is a comprehensive step-by-step program for course creators. It helps you build & launch your digital “business machine”

  • without overwhelm,
  • without needing tech skills,
  • without hiring a web designer

and, you get to own your platform.

Short tutorials (no longer than 10 minutes each) walk you through each step to modify an already built digital platform (provided to you) through four distinctive phases.

  • Phase 1: Create & Launch your high converting waitlist page. This allows you to make your platform LIVE quickly and continue to build your list
  • Phase 2: Create & Launch your digital course. In this phase, you get to build your platform with one course so that you can launch and start generating income.
  • Phase 3: Grow your platform with more courses. With a few changes, you take advantage of your platform and its ability to host unlimited courses.
  • Phase 4: Create bundles & memberships to generate recurring income. Your platform is ready to offer unlimited bundles. The best part is that you can also create membership offerings as well for on-going income, AND, who doesn’t like recurring income?
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They did it. So can you.

I've been frustrated because I didn't have the tech skills that everyone else had and I felt it was keeping me from moving my business forward.

Anne Heisinger

Peak Performance Coach

Banning, USA

I just built my first course, it's up, it's running, I'm very happy with the way everything works, I cannot wait to get another one up though.

Lisa Balthaser

Business Coach

Philadelphia, USA

I looked into hiring a website developer to create something for me that would allow me to share courses. That would cost thousands of dollars.

Lisa Short

Healer. Medium. Teacher

Lenexa, USA

Did it remove the tech block? Absolutely. I'm no longer intimidated by my own website. That's a big change.

Jackie Simmons

Energy healer

Sarasota, USA


I can't wait to see inside the program

Georges Wansek

Course Platform Academy is the accomplishment of over 500 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions helping digital entrepreneurs create their online presence with WordPress, and teaching them how to overcome their struggles with simple-to-follow solutions.

I removed the obstacles and simplified the process in a comprehensive step-by-step framework with these objectives in mind:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Over-deliver
  • And make sure YOU get results

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The Anatomy Of A Platform Design

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