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Build your dream business without losing sleep over your website

And sell YOUR products on YOUR platform!

P.A.C.E. Platform Website





Host and launch your digital products from a platform with customization that puts you in control.

Because every digital product needs a home.

How it works

Choose a plan

Choose the plan that best fits your needs to get started

Install the platform

Avoid tech overwhelm. Schedule your 1:1 installation session to setup your platform.

Create & launch

Follow the step-by-step tutorials to customize your website and launch your offers

Let's do this

Get started today!

With this pricing, you can't afford NOT to get on board.

Jackie Simmons

Energy Healer

Did it remove the tech block? Absolutely. I'm no longer intimidated by my own website. That's a big change.

Lisa Balthaser

Business coach

I just built my first course, it's up, it's running, I'm very happy with the way everything works, I cannot wait to get another one up though.

Have you encountered these obstacles!

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  • You’re building your first online course and wondering what platform you should use to sell it

  • You're feeling challenged with technology and you just want to make sure you get it right from the get go

  • You want to have the flexibility to create a membership offer in addition to selling courses as one-off sales

  • You've asked for help and advice to choose a platform for your digital products but all of the well-intended information is only making you feel more confused

  • You’ve heard that WordPress is difficult, however you would still like to have your website/platform built on WordPress to offer your digital products

  • You're wondering how to collect payments for your digital courses, memberships and other digital products

  • You're afraid that you will need to hire a web designer and end up with an expensive tab

  • You want to avoid spending time in groups and forums and don't know where to find simple step-by-step instructions

laurel chiten 4
"I've been able to launch 7 websites including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up."

I am now able to run with any of my business ideas because I know that I can easily create an online presence for them.

~ Laurel

laurel chiten 4
"I've been able to launch 7 websites including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up."

I am now able to run with any of my business ideas because I know that I can easily create an online presence for them.

~ Laurel

Georges Wansek <br>Course Platform Academy Founder
Georges Wansek
Course Platform Academy Founder

Hi, I'm Georges

As a web designer and tech guy, I've spent years building websites and teaching simple methods to help others sell their products and services online.

But guess what...

I tried multiple platforms, moving content from one platform to another

I discovered that one thing kept coming up with every platform: there was always a time I needed or wanted to create something that couldn't be done, or needed to upgrade to the most expensive package to have better options. It was frustrating for both myself and my clients.

I quickly realized that the best option was to build my own website platform, own it and simply duplicate it for my students and clients.


The P.A.C.E. Platform Website

No design skills required, no web designer needed, and when you build your platform with our new P.A.C.E. Platform™ you own it!


  • No need to spend hours in groups or on YouTube to figure it out on your own

  • Built with the most popular software, you benefit from years of research

  • Includes a waitlist page, a 3-page sales funnel, a shopping cart, and more...


  • Adapt the platform to your niche to connect with your audience

  • Works for coaches, teachers, marketers, entrepreneurs...

  • 100% flexible, adapt it to YOU and YOUR audience


  • All you have to do is modify it to make it your own without feeling limited

  • Use your own brand with unlimited fonts and colors options, total design freedom

  • You can fully customize it now or later and feel relieved to have flexibility


  • Add unlimited courses, workshops, challenges, create memberships

  • Add funnels, landing pages, coaching sessions, blog, pages, surveys and forms

  • Add your Facebook pixel, Google Analytics script, create your affiliate program, and more...

You're in control...

Say good bye to tech challenges!

There's never been a better time than now to deliver workshops, masterclasses, challenges, courses & memberships online. The main difficulty has always been navigating the tech obstacles. Today, the Pre-built Adaptable Customizable Expandable Platform (P.A.C.E.) and its learning center completely remove the tech challenges so that you can deliver your expertise, make an impact and generate income without tech overwhelm.

Ready to expand and scale...

  • SEO ready

  • Facebook Pixel ready

  • Google Analytics ready

  • Add virtual events replays

  • Create surveys and forms

  • Create a support ticket system

  • Integrate with most email marketing services

  • Create your platform in your language

  • Host your workshops

  • Host your challenges

  • Host unlimited courses

  • Create memberships

  • Create coaching programs

  • Create lead magnet funnels

  • Launch your blog

  • Create landing pages and funnels

  • Create an affiliate program

Anne Heisinger

Peak Performance Coach

I've been frustrated because I didn't have the tech skills that everyone else had and I felt it was keeping me from moving my business forward.

Lisa Short

Healer. Medium. Teacher

I looked into hiring a website developer to create something for me that would allow me to share courses. That would cost thousands of dollars.

Inside the P.A.C.E. Platform

Learning center

Learn, implement, create your platform website & scale it!

Course Platform Academy's Learning Center is a comprehensive step-by-step program to help you build and launch your digital "business machine" without overwhelm - without needing tech skills - without hiring a web designer - and you own your own platform.

Short tutorials walk you through each step to modify the P.A.C.E. Platform™ through four distinctive phases.

1. Start here

Platform setup, foundations & resources 

2. Monetize

Choose an offer, add to website and launch

3. Expand

Grow your website to a full personal branded platform

4. Add-Ons

Time to add bells and whistles to your website

Inside the Learning Center

Here's what you get

short learning sessions

Easy to implement

Short sessions

Learning sessions are no longer than 10 minutes, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand, learn and move forward with ease and pleasure.

Easy to learn

One topic at a time

Learning sessions address only one topic at a time breaking down complex processes into multiple small bites and eliminating the overwhelm.

one topic

Easy to use

No skills required

The Framework provides a template designed with the world’s most popular and powerful website software, WordPress, and requires no skills to follow its step-by-step process.

Easy to follow along

Highly visual

Most of the training is provided through videos and the action clicks are highlighted with a digital marker. You never have to guess where to look and where to click.

help desk 1

Never get stuck

Premium support

Support is key for anything tech related. You get direct access to support via a ticket system. Your questions always get answered within 48 hours.

Study at your
own pace

Be in control of your
website platform

Grow and scale
without limitations

Get support
when you need

They've done it, so can you!

What people are saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Send a message!


Georges Wansek

Georges is a respected Franco-American web designer known for his ability to make the most difficult concepts easy to understand and use. Many have had the pleasure to learn from him to build their own website and membership site and benefited from his method.

Meet your guide

Let's do this

Get started today!

Every digital product needs a home, aka a platform. The P.A.C.E. Platform website™ (Pre-built, Adaptable, Customizable, Expandable) lets you host your digital products on a home you own with customization that put you in control.

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The Anatomy Of A Platform Design

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