9 Reasons Why eBooks Are Perfect Digital Products

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9 Reasons Why eBooks Are Perfect Digital Products

November 30, 2022 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Digital Products

9 Reasons Why eBooks Are Perfect Digital Products

When it comes to digital products, one thing is sure - there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • We can do a screencast (screen recording) and turn it into a course
  • We can turn the webcam ON and create a video course
  • We can do a live webinar / workshop and turn it into an evergreen product
  • And more…

Those are all great options, however in addition to the time they require to create, they can also be a bit tech-involved.

There’s ONE digital product however that is simple to create and provides great benefits, both for the recipients and also for the creators: and that’s an eBook.

Here are 9 reasons why eBooks are perfect digital products every online business should have!

Reason #1: They are easy to download and consume

From a recipient’s point of view, eBooks are wonderful because they can be downloaded with one click of a button. That’s it.

Whether on a desktop or on a smartphone, the user gets instant access and can start reading the newly acquired eBook right away.

They are easy to consume. You can even have them on multiple devices and access them from wherever you are.

In addition, they are also searchable which is a great benefit.

Reason #2: When FREE, they can be great lead magnets

It goes without saying that eBooks have been used for decades as one of the best list building lead magnets. Who hasn’t given their email address in order to gain access to an instant eBook download?

Reason #3: They help build authority within the marketplace

When we create and publish eBooks, we are providing ‘expertise’. As such, in the eyes of our audience, we are viewed as the ‘expert’. We may also gain some kind of ‘expert status’ amongst our peers. This definitely helps build authority and credibility.

Reason #4: The are easy to purchase and access

Ebooks are easy to purchase, they don’t need to be shipped. We usually gain instant access after the purchase is made, either by means of a thank-you page with a link for the eBook download, or via an email receipt with the link as well, and/or sometimes both.

Reason #5: They’re perfect low-priced digital products

Looking for a low-priced digital product to create?

Look no further, an eBook is the perfect entry-level digital product with low-resistance to purchase.

Reason #6: They can be offered as up-sells to other products and/or as order bumps

As we’re creating more advanced offers, having eBooks to offer as up-sells or even as order bumps can make a big difference in the average order value. As such, they can help offset potential ad costs or simply increase the bottom line.

Reason #7: They provide great value as bonuses to any offer

Creating an offer and looking to sweeten it with bonuses?

Guess what, having eBooks on hand to offer as bonuses can greatly enhance the offer and improve the conversion rate. Sometimes, it is even worth creating an eBook just to add to an offer.

Reason #8: They are easy and fast to create (Yes, no need to overcomplicate this)

There are a few steps to creating an eBook, and some of those steps are important and critical to its success. But let’s not overcomplicate the process, with the right framework, creating a successful eBook can be easy and can be fast. It doesn’t involve any fancy tech whatsoever. In fact, it is mostly about writing content in a logical order, then inserting that content into a design tool to format it like a book. Next, create a nice mockup of the finished cover, et voila!

Reason #9: They are great indicators to test a market before creating other products

Not sure how a specific market is going to react to a new product?

There’s no better way than to test it with a product that is easy to create and offers low-resistance to purchase (it can even be a free lead magnet). Ebooks are the perfect solution.

BONUS - Reason #10 (Just thought about it): Ebooks are easy to outsource

When we try to outsource online courses with videos to edit, it is usually a big job. Ebooks on the other hand are a lot easier to outsource. All we have to do is provide all of the written content (titles, texts) and eventually a few images and there are dozens of places online (or even referrals) that will create the cover, layout and mockup of the finished eBook.

Speaking of eBooks, what do you find is the most challenging about the creation of eBooks?

Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why eBooks Are Perfect Digital Products”

  1. E- book creation requires more time specifically, if you want to establish “ expert positioning”but real challenge is designing them to be eye catching as most book looks the same on the screen…,

    1. Hi Kanna,
      Ebooks are digital products designed to help our audience, to help them solve a problem, to help them get a win. The ‘expert positioning’ can most of the time be achieved without necessary spending more time. It is about the value of the content, not the quantity. That being said, depending on the length of the eBook, it an take more time. The design part of it is the ‘fun’ part, there are great tools online to design an eye catching eBook without being a designer. And the design can also be outsourced.

    2. Dr. Kanna, it takes tiny tweaks to make your ebook look and feel different from the standard. It can be fun; as Georges said, it can be outsourced.

  2. I am for ebooks. They are quick to read and manageable. As Coach Donna said, it takes tiny tweaks to make them look and feel different from the the standard. Looking forward to creating many ebooks to solve health challenges that our world is faced with.

    1. Ebooks are the way to go Ed, and you may be in luck 🤷‍♂️ , I may have something about creating an ebook coming soon. And by soon, I’m in the middle of creating it 😊
      Ebooks are great for many reasons, and for you to create one on photography/video and story telling makes perfect sense.

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