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Every digital product needs a home ~ A platform!

(Courses, memberships, coaching programs, challenges, masterclasses, workshops...)

Map out your platform to sell your digital products


Platform Planning A to Z

7-Day training starts Monday March 28th, 2022

Platform Planning
A to Z

7-Day training starts Monday March 28th, 2022

$97 $27 for limited time

Are you struggling to choose and design a platform for your digital offers?

I hear these questions all the time!

  • I need a simple page to collect payments, what's the best way to do that?

  • I want to offer a course, how do I restrict my content behind a paywall?

  • I have a workshop scheduled, how do I give the replay to my audience?

  • I need a platform, do you think I should use a domain or a subdomain?

  • Can I use my Gmail for my platform?

  • I want to move some of my content to my main site and I don't know how.

  • I get overwhelmed trying to figure out which platform is best for me!

And the list goes on and on...

The PACE Platform

You may be asking the wrong questions.

When you ask for help in social groups, you get so many answers that may or may not be the best solution for you.

The real question is: "What do I need to know before I can pick the right platform?"

From listening to my students over hundreds of hours of classes and private coaching sessions, I have identified the 11 key elements that help you create a plan for your platform and avoid making costly mistakes.

I want to help you eliminate tech jargon and build a solid framework that will guarantee you are ready with confidence so you can jump on the fast track to launching your offers.

This 7-Day training starts in

That's why I created

Platform Planning A to Z

Platform Planning
A to Z

Join the 7-Day training to map out YOUR platform
to sell YOUR digital products

(courses, memberships, coaching programs, challenges, masterclasses, workshops)


Monday March 28th - Sunday April 3rd


10am Eastern
7am PT - 8am MT - 9am CT
3pm UK - 10pm Malaysia - 1am Sydney


LIVE on Zoom
Unlimited, Lifetime Access to replays
Replays posted daily after the LIVE sessions 

Ready to map out YOUR platform?

$97 $27 for limited time

Here's what you'll learn during this 7-Day Training

Day 1 - Get the BEST web address for your platform to set yourself up for success

Learn how to choose the best web address for your platform taking your business name, course, membership, or workshop names into consideration and avoid the critical mistakes entrepreneurs make with domain names that is costing them never ending frustration. Set yourself up for success.


Day 2 - The easy way to position yourself as an expert

Discover what type of content to include on your waitlist page that boosts your email list, learn how to craft your bio to position yourself as an authority in your market and get all of the content to include in your funnel to present your offers.

Day 3 - Create a brand that makes your audience trust you

Create a brand package that includes fonts and colors that suit your personality and makes your audience trust you. Learn where and how to choose and create images of the perfect size for your platform so that you can design a platform that will instantly resonate with your audience.


Day 4 - How to create legal pages to protect your platform & reassure your buyers

The not so popular essentials for your business - the legal pages. Using pre-built templates, learn how to create your simple disclaimer page, your privacy policy page and your terms and conditions page to reassure your buyers and protect you and your platform.

Day 5 - How to choose the best payment solutions to get paid

This is where you learn the pros and cons of various online payment solutions so that you can feel confident about choosing the best option for your platform knowing you are getting paid.


Day 6 - The ins and outs of platform costs and how to choose a platform that sets you up for future growth

Discover the direct and not so obvious costs associated with a platform, so that you can choose the one that fits your budget, while keeping the doors open for opportunities to grow and scale your business without having to incur expensive costs and tech struggles that come with transferring your content to a different type of platform later.

Day 7 - How to create content that BEST suits you and your audience

Learn the ins and outs of creating content that suits you and your audience, such as video recordings, audio files, Lives and replays, what to include in your online courses, masterclasses, workshops, memberships, and how to simplify the user experience after they’ve registered to your offer.


Meet your Guide!


Georges Wansek

Teacher & Guide

Georges is a respected Franco-American web designer known for his ability to make the most difficult concepts easy to understand and use. Many have had the pleasure to learn from him to build their own website, course platform, membership site and benefited from his method.

Georges has given well over 600 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions helping digital entrepreneurs create their online presence, and teaching them how to overcome their struggles with simple-to-follow solutions.

He always finds ways to removed obstacles and simplified processes in comprehensive step-by-step frameworks with these objectives in mind:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Over-deliver
  • And make sure YOU get results

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to map out YOUR platform?

for your offers (courses, memberships, coaching programs, challenges, masterclasses, workshops)

$97 $27 for limited time

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The Anatomy Of A Platform Design

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