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A framework for course creators to build your course platform on the world’s most popular and powerful web design software

  • Without requiring tech skills
  • Without needing a web designer
  • Without paying monthly fees

AND, get a visual front-end drag-and-drop page builder to give you complete freedom, unlimited scalability for your business, and so much more...

The fast track to building & owning your course platform

For Digital Course Creators!

Have you encountered these obstacles ?

  • You’re building your first online course and wondering what platform you should use to sell it

  • You're feeling challenged with technology and you just simply want to make sure you get it right from the get go

  • You want to have the flexibility to create a membership offer in addition to selling your courses as one-off sales

  • You've asked for help and advice to choose a platform for your course but all of the well-intended information is only making you feel more confused

  • You’ve heard that WordPress is difficult, however you would still like to have your courses built on WordPress and get to own your platform

  • You're wondering how to collect payments for your digital courses

  • You're afraid that you will need to hire a web designer and end up with an expensive tab

  • You want to avoid spending time in groups and forums and don't know where to find simple step-by-step instructions

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you have come to the right place!

I get it, believe it or not I've been where you are today.

Many years ago my business needed a website so I purchased a book on web design and taught myself. Later on, a client asked me to find a solution because he wanted to sell an online course.

I tried multiple platforms, moving content from one platform to another and I discovered that one thing kept coming up with every platform: there was always a time I needed to do something that couldn't be done, or needed to upgrade to the most expensive package to have more options.

I quickly realized that the best option was to build my own platform and own it. WordPress allowed me to do just that. After years of designing with WordPress I can tell you that I never looked back. Owning your platform built on WordPress is simply THE BEST.

Today with Launch Your Course Platform I'm giving you the short-cut of years of experience so that you too can sell your courses on your own platform without paying monthly fees. The best part is that you do not need any tech skills to build it.

The FRAMEWORK I have developed makes it simple to follow along without feeling overwhelmed.

It's designed with YOU in mind.

Program features

Short learning


Learning sessions are no longer than 10 minutes, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand, learn and move forward with ease and pleasure.

One topic at

a time

Learning sessions address only one topic at a time breaking down complex processes into multiple small bites and eliminating the overwhelm.

Tech language

in plain english

The tech language is explained using plain english terms that are easy to comprehend. It facilitates the learning and retaining of the tech jargon.

No skills


The Framework provides a template designed with the world’s most popular and powerful website software, WordPress, and requires no skills to follow its step-by-step process.



Launch Your Course Platform is highly visual. Most of the training is provided through videos and the action clicks are highlighted with a digital marker. You never have to guess where to look and where to click.



Support is a key for anything tech related. In addition to group support sessions, Launch Your Course Platform provides you with direct access to support via a ticket system. Your questions always get answered within 48 hours.


Course Platform Academy is the accomplishment of over 500 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions helping digital entrepreneurs create their online presence with WordPress, and teaching them how to overcome their struggles with simple-to-follow solutions.

I removed the obstacles and simplified the process in a comprehensive step-by-step framework with these objectives in mind:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Over-deliver
  • And make sure YOU get results

Georges Wansek

What you'll learn and get

"Launch Your Course Platform" is as much about what you get as what you learn. 

  • How to use WordPress

    WordPress is the world’s most popular and powerful website software. You'll learn the fun way to use it with a complete visual front-end drag-and-drop page builder to give you complete freedom, unlimited scalability for your business, and so much more...

  • How to make tech work for you

    Technology can be daunting, however, with clear explanations and a great framework you'll learn how to embrace it so that you can focus on the most important part - running your business and selling your digital courses.

  • How to provide support

    Once you sell your courses you'll want to provide great customer support. You'll learn how to use a ticket support system to give your clients all the attention they deserve.

  • How to create multiple offers

    You'll first sell one course. Then you'll add more courses to your platform and learn how to package them to create offers that your audience wants. 

  • A high-converting waitlist page

    Launching with a high-converting waitlist page allows you to take your platform LIVE quickly and continue to build your list while adding the rest of your content to your site.

  • A platform to sell your courses

    You get to build your platform with one course initially so that you can launch and start to generate income as soon as possible.  All of that on a platform that you own with your own branding.

  • Sell unlimited courses

    With a few changes you'll take advantage of your platform and its ability to host unlimited courses. Yes, unlimited courses!
    You'll never have to wonder if you need to purchase additional features in order to add additional courses.

  • Create bundles & memberships

    Your platform is ready to offer unlimited bundles. The best part is that you can also create membership offerings as well for on-going income, AND, who doesn’t like recurring income?

Are you wondering what else you can do with your Digital Course Platform?

Use any of the add-ons to simply add features to your platform:

  • Add a blog
  • Optimize your content for better results on Google search
  • Host your landing pages and funnels
  • Create and launch your affiliate program
  • And more...

Program curriculum

Launch Your Course Platform is a comprehensive step-by-step program to help you build & launch your digital “business machine” - without overwhelm - without needing tech skills - without hiring a web designer - and you own you own platform.

Short tutorials walk you through each step to modify a digital platform template through four distinctive phases.

Phase 1 - The Waitlist Page

Phase 1

Create & Launch your high converting waitlist page

Phase 2 - The Digital Course

Phase 2

Create & Launch your digital course

Phase 3 - Grow Your Platform

Phase 3

Grow your platform with more courses

Phase 4 - Course Bundles & Memberships-2

Phase 4

Create course bundles & memberships 

What people are saying

Georges completely over delivers. He is not only a master with WordPress, but also supports the overall vision of all my businesses and helps brainstorm ideas for marketing, etc... Because of his teaching and mentoring, I've been able to launch 7 websites including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up. I am now able to run with any of my business ideas because I know that I can easily create an online presence for them. It is rare to find a teacher like Georges, who gives 110%.



I was scared to move it to WordPress because I am not techie and felt so overwhelmed. Then I discovered Georges in a mutual business group. He helped me create a sales page that looks amazing and I relaunched my membership. I now have paying members with a much more functional platform that works for me! I couldn't have made this happen without his support. My only regret is not finding him sooner! This is the best money I've spent on my business in a very long time!




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Meet your guide


Georges Wansek

Georges is a respected Franco-American web designer known for his ability to make the most difficult concepts easy to understand and use. Many have had the pleasure to learn from him to build their own website and membership site and benefited from his method.

" Georges is not only a vast wealth of wisdom and an incredible teacher, he's a pure delight to work with. " - Janelle Lester

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